Emma & Tom’s support a host of charities, farmers from all over Australia, and now they support cricketers from all over Newtown and Chilwell!

The company was set up in 2004 by a couple of old school friends, Emma Welsh and Tom Griffith.

Emma and Tom’s brand philosophy, Look After Yourself, runs throughout the business.

“We are committed to helping ourselves and all Australians to look after themselves by offering nutritious minimally processed whole fruit products that are good for you … and taste great too,” Emma and Tom say.

“We have built our business by working closely with our producers, offering our clients great service and delivering a product to our customers that we are very proud of.”

The Emma & Tom’s range includes fresh whole fruit smoothies, life bars packed with fruit, seeds and nuts, refreshing quenchers and our lightly sparkling fruit juice.

Philanthropy is also a crucial part of Emma & Toms philosophy and they are supporters of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Pink Ribbon, Second Bite and the Prahran and St Kilda Missions.

“Emma & Tom are a welcome addition to our growing list of sponsors,” said Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club President, Frank Tuskes.

“Their products on our shelves this summer offer a range of healthy drinks for our juniors, and their parents as well, as they come down to watch their youngsters on Friday nights and over the weekend.

“It is also great that Emma & Tom are committed to helping Australian farmers.”

They support Australian farmers, sourcing fruit from all over the country such as Kingston Pride mangoes from Far North Queensland, Valencia oranges and apples from the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area and stone fruit from South Australia.

Their easily recognised square plastic bottles are also environmentally friendly.

They are made from light, recyclable plastic and don’t require the industrial amounts of gas that it takes to create glass bottles.

They also store more efficiently than round bottles and therefore each pack can be minimally wrapped in plastic.

“It’s great to have Emma & Tom on board and I would like to thank Jamie Pescott for helping set up this sponsorship.

“We look forward to Pessie featuring in a video promoting Emma & Tom’s healthy products.

“Sir Genius may soon have a media superstar rival!”