Month: January 2009

A night to remember!

To steal a line from one of Kevin Sheedy’s favourite performers, Frank Valli: “Oh what a night!”

To use another musical note, you almost expected to see Neil Finn there somewhere, the house was so Crowded. Boom tish!

So heartiest congratulations to all responsible for the success of the President’s Dinner on Saturday night. The Pres himself, Greenie, Knackers, Ratters, Jules, Donna, Clair, John in the kitchen. The trouble when you do lists like this is you are in danger of missing someone out. Thanks to those people, too, including the person who spent a lot of Saturday arvo curled up in one of the lounge chairs in the children’s room after discovering you can’t sleep and vacuum at the same time.

As the President noted in his speech, you can’t win premierships all the time, but you must always be building towards them. In the meantime, you have as much fun and excitement within your club as you can.

If you didn’t have fun on Saturday night, check your pulse.

Great to see so many former presidents along and so many life members – all keen on our new honour board for past administrators and first XI captains, it was pleasing to note. As Kevin Sheedy is fond of saying, history tells us we don’t learn from history. At N&CCC, we always acknowledge the work and achievements of those who went before us.

We hear some of our sponsors also had a great night. Thanks!
And Sargie, what a great job you did thanking Kevin Sheedy for us.