Month: February 2009

The President Speaks – February 2009

Morning all,

Time for an update after our February committee meeting last night.

One of the matters over which we spent a fair bit of time was unpaid membership fees. The committee as a whole resolved to get the outstanding debts paid asap. Those people who have not paid their fees will be receiving a letter today with a request that they make suitable arrangements asap.

Whilst we are on a sound financial footing, that has only been achieved through a lot of hard work, prudent keeping of the accounts and through the willingness of a lot of people to share the financial burdens.

This year, trying to keep the cost of playing cricket to the barest minimum, we offered people who paid early a considerable discount. Many of you took advantage of that, which was a great boost to our cash flows early in the season. It would be unfair on you now, if you we did not chase up those who have yet to pay. That is why the committee, as a whole, and as I have already stated, wants this matter resolved and resolved now.

The next couple of years are going to be tough economically for all of us. It will be a huge challenge for future committees to maintain our current income levels, let alone improve on them. So it’s all hands on deck, each person making a fair and genuine contribution.

As many of you will have read in the local papers, we have been granted the Division One, Second XI final. This is a credit to GT and all the hard work he has put in this year. Whilst we would have liked to have had the First XI final, we respect what the GCA is trying to achieve by playing it at Kardinia Park.

A quick reminder also that throughout the summer, players in all senior grades have been playing for the highly prestigious Merriman Medal, named in honour of a wonderful family that served our club so well over many years.

This year, the Merriman Medal count will be held on Saturday March 7 after the final day’s play for the home and away season, so put that in your diary. It’s going to be a great evening.

We have also finalised the qualifications for averages this year. Unlike last year, when we had to factor in a lack of cricket in the 5ths and 6ths, this year it will be even across all grades – essentially 200 runs or 15 wickets. Games played, innings batted and overs bowled also form part of the qualification criteria.

In the event no-one reaches these qualifications, the average will be awarded to the highest run scorer / wicket taker.

A lot of people have spoken about the need to improve our practice facilities. This is an issue we are addressing in a number of ways. At the moment, we are in discussions with consultants to tell us where the best place to put the new facilities might be. We then hope to work with the City of Great Geelong on a joint venture to put the facility in place.

Don’t forget, it is major raffle this Sunday. If you haven’t got your money in, please do so ASAP.

Then come along and enjoy the day. It is a wonderful part of the N&CCC tradition thanks to the unique charm of Graeme Chisholm on the microphone.

Again, our sincere thanks to Graeme and to Tony Devlin for their on-going efforts with this raffle over many years.

Generally, there remains a strong feeling that despite the economic factors, that our club is going along nicely. It will only continue to do so if everyone makes a contribution. That can mean being on the committee and putting in a lot of long hours as an office bearer, or it can be as simple and crucial as paying your membership fees.

If you’re one of the people who gets a “PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL” envelope, do something about it – not for yourself, but for your team-mates. That’s what being in any club is about, but as we saw last Sunday at the Jason Clark Cup, we are not just any club.

Scott Mullen