The President Speaks – May 2009

Hi all,

Last night we had our regular May meeting and I thought an up-date, even though it’s footy season, would not be a bad idea.

Particularly as our next meeting is the AGM, that’s on June 9th at 7.30pm at the Queens Park Sporting Complex. Put it in your diary now. We are calling for nominations for all positions for 2009/2010 as there are a number of roles being vacated that need to be filled. I am stepping down as President, Andrew Green is stepping down as vice-president and Warwick Hadfield is stepping aside as secretary to name a few.

Whilst I have received nominations for some of those positions, we are always in need of volunteers. So there are a lot of important jobs to be filled.

This year we had Phil Morgan generously step into the sponsorship role at the last minute. What we need this year is someone who can take on the role from the outset and see it right through. As we I have stated previously, sponsorship is an integral part to maintaining membership fees at an acceptable level and in the current economic climate, the almighty sponsorship dollar is becoming harder to find.

If you think you have what it takes to look after our sponsorship needs, please drop me a line.

There are also a lot of positions vacant in the management of junior teams.

Mark Turnley is stepping down as junior co-ordinator but he is very generously playing a big role in the transition. If you’re a parent of a junior player and would like to be actively involved in their participation, make contact with Mark now.

I will keep my full report on my time as President to the AGM but I will say it has been an interesting time and a challenging one. Generally, and despite some pretty huge hurdles, the club has gone ahead.

None of that would have been achieved without a whole range of hard-working people on the committee, or just behind the scenes in other ways, and we need more people to put their hands up now to keep that momentum going.

We’ve got the issue of new practice wickets to address. There has been some really solid progress there, but it’s going to require a lot of resources on our part.

I know a lot of people are keen to know what’s happening on the personnel front. We are continuing to look at a wide range of options there and we hope for some good news very soon.

Once again last night, the issue of unpaid memberships came up for discussion. This is a discussion that should never have to occur but seems to rear its head about this time every season.

So here it is in black and white for those who still have outstanding amounts.

The committee decided that at the start of the next season, the Chairman of Selectors will be given a list of unfinancial members and they will not be eligible for selection until such a time s their debt is cleared.

Nor they will be eligible to be cleared to any other club until the outstanding debt is settled.

Blokes who don’t pay their memberships are not just letting themselves down, but their team-mates who do stump up the money. We are very sympathetic when setting up payments systems for those who can’t pay the full amount in one hit. But as a club we won’t be taken for a ride, and we won’t let those who do pay their memberships on time be taken for a ride either.

For the record, the names of those who have not paid their membership will be in the Annual Report as outstanding debtors. That is a document that stands for posterity so if you don’t want your name on that list, pay up NOW.

During the month, the club received its assessment from the GCA. Again, we didn’t lose a single point in the off-field area. Where we did fall down was in club championship points, but we all know the solution to that is part of a long term strategy.

As we prepare for the AGM and from there another season, there is generally a good feeling about our club. We have weathered some pretty fierce storms in recent years and we have not let the standards drop set by the great administrators whose names now sit on our new honour board: great club people like David Barnes, Paul Anderson, Greg Wells, Geoff Wells, Don Royce, Bob Merriman, GT, Chis, David Shaw and Dale Pearce to name a few.

It’s a fantastic list of names, it’s a fantastic history and a fantastic tradition of success.

Please, put your hand up now to be part of the next phase of that success.

See you at the AGM
Scott Mullen