Month: October 2009

20-20 Win for Two Blues

Following the NSW blues lead in attracting the sporting worlds attention in the recent 20-20 series our own TWO BLUES outfit made an explosive start to the 20 20 series here in Geelong.

Benny Neville is a cricket enthusiast and has given the new game quite a bit of thought and as a result he was able to implement a workable plan in which each player understood their role, what to expect and how to react if certain circumstances arose. Thankfully for the pro-Newtown crowd in attendance our boys didn’t miss a beat.

Tim Clark made a successful return to the team by top scoring with a neat 50 runs, Benny made 42 and sixteen year old Jai Sheahan made a brisk 28 on our way to an impressive team total of 7/168 off the allotted twenty overs.

With the ball and in the field the team remained disciplined and determined to take the win. Benny’s cool head resulted in him taking timely wickets with his taking the pace off the ball tactics. He took 3/15.
It would seem from cricket played on the International 20-20 stage that bowlers need to be either lightning quick or the complete opposite. Medium pace short of a length bowling can be a batters dream especially when they are prepared to take to the airways in this more fast paced game.

It was evident again when Newcomb managed to scamper back into the game on the back of a couple of these medium paced overs and it took the team mascot Blakey to ensure victory would be ours. He took two quick wickets from full tosses and found himself on a hat trick. Unusual but surprisingly effective in 20-20 because many batsman don’t know what to do with these seemingly bad balls. The potential hat trick ball was pitched on a good length, wrapped the batter on the pads but was given not out. A full toss may have been more effective Blakey!

It was a well earned win and just reward for the group. If you missed this game stay tuned for when we play next. It is a great outing.

Over 60’s Cricket

This Sunday, Geelong plays its first game in the new Victorian Over Sixties Cricket Association – one of the fastest growing sporting competitions in the State.

Three Newtown stalwarts will be part of the Geelong team including Ian IP McGregor, Trevor Smith and GT.

Geelong will be playing Casey-South Melbourne, which of course also has a connection to our club through Ian Redpath and Lindsay Hassett. After they played for us, they then went to South Melbourne to forge their international careers.

The game starts at midday on Sunday 18th October at Stinton Oval Queens Park and it should be a stack of fun. The bar will be open and a barbeque will be going to ensure it is a good day all round.

So come along and support these great servants of our club and the rest of their Geelong team-mates.

James Purcell