Month: August 2010

Message from the Pres

Good morning,

Last week we held out regular monthly meeting of the club’s committee and I thought it appropriate to report to you on a number of matters arising from it.

It was great to see Don Royce back at the club and he was able to provide us with a great insight into player movements, mostly to the club.

We have been able to recruit some terrific young players and I know that Don, the chairman of selectors, Max Ellis, and the coach, Bryan Thomas, are pretty pleased with progress there. I can tell you the president is as well.

We also had one request for a clearance ­ Darren Fleet.  This was granted but the club wants to put on notice the high regard in which it holds Darren, and hopes that one day he can come back to Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club.  Darren was a wonderful servant as a first XI captain, as a premiership winning second XI captain and generally as a great contributor at many levels.  The club will be writing to Darren to thank him for that contribution and to wish him all the best for the future.

Something else we did last week was to appoint Mick Wood as our assistant coach, elevating him from batting coach.  Congratulations Mick.

Now, we want you all to put in your diaries Saturday night, February 26th, 2011.  That will be the night of our Centenary Dinner.  We will also be organizing some activities at Queens Park on the Sunday which may include a couple of T20 games – one for juniors and one for seniors – maybe very old seniors. We have a sub-committee headed by Warwick Hadfield, and composed of predominantly past players, working on all the finer details and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

We are working on a price structure for the night that enables families to come, for juniors and for other concession holders and the theme and entertainment for the night will also be family orientated.

We are a great club, we are a proud club and we need to show that on February 26th with a huge attendance at our Centenary Dinner.  If you miss this one, well you can be guaranteed, you won’t be around for the next one.

While the sub-committee will carry the main burden of tracking down past players and administrators and supporters, can I ask all of you, if you know someone who played for our club with whom we might have lost track, give them a call and tell them to get into contact with us, or go to the web-site –  Ideally we would like you and them to register for the Tribune and other correspondence.

I was also pleased to see the great job that Brett Loats and his sub-committee are doing putting together a host of social activities for the whole season.  This will be finalized soon and placed on the website.

Again, I encourage you to attend as many of those as possible.

You will also be pleased to hear that bar prices from last year have not changed, and in 2010/2011, we will be introducing a happy hour on Saturday nights.

Despite Council setbacks Scott reported things appear to be progressing well with the new practice facilities.

Philip and Terry have completed the new look sponsorship packages and this will be a priority activity between now and the season start to visit all existing and new sponsors.

Max and Mark are working on the establishment of a Junior Working party or Committee.  Like many aspects of our club it is getting so big that we need many hands rather than a few to satisfactorily achieve our goals.

Our new website looks absolutely magnificent and again reflects the high standards we set for ourselves in all areas at Newtown.  It is a must read. Even an old fashioned non-IT type like myself has found it fascinating.  Once again Scott Mullen has made a fantastic contribution to the club.

Generally, I believe we are a club going forward with a growing unity of purpose and that’s something I am very pleased about. We can have free and frank discussions about what directions we should take, but once a decision is made, let’s all get behind it, especially in our Centenary Year.


Neville Crane