Month: October 2010

Two Blues chase long awaited win

Courtesy of the Geelong Advertiser
By Daniel breen

EXCITEMENT abounds at Stinton Oval.

Having endured a long time between drinks, Newtown & Chilwell has high hopes this weekend of ending a winless drought that stretches back to January 2009.

It was that day that the Two Blues defeated a soon-to-be-relegated Newcomb & District outfit.

Tomorrow, it has a potential finalist in North Geelong on the back foot after a super day with the bat at Osborne Park last Saturday.

Two Blues coach Bryan Thomas was under no illusions when asked about his side’s prospects. He knows the job is only half done, with North Geelong possessing more than enough batting talent to reel in the 276 it has been set for victory. Still, there’s no denying the feeling around the club after a huge pre-season and a handful of quality off-season recruits.

“They’ve done a massive pre season and there’s discipline as well as skill that we’ve worked on, so it would be just reward if they get a win on the board,” Thomas said.

“We did a long pre-season, there was lot of enthusiasm and they’re playing for each other. We had 80 at pre-season and it’s been exciting. For a club that’s won two games in two years and been on the downslide it’s great numbers.”

As much as Newtown’s total was built around the brilliant innings of captain Ben Neville (146), Thomas was pleased to see the youngsters bat around around their skipper.

“I set the boys the goal of batting out 85 overs. We faced 84 last week but for young people to bat around Ben like they did was fantastic,” he said.

Neville is also benefiting from having a clear head after shouldering the burden as captain-coach for the past two years.

“The pressure that the club and himself put on each other the last two years was immense. This year he’s been able to clear his head and play his natural game,” Thomas said.

The addition of Geelong trio Tim Nunn, Bennett Merriman and Peter Lynch, as well as tearaway Levi Dare has also allowed youngsters that were previously thrown in the deep end to gain confidence either in lower grades or in positions of reduced responsibility.

“Guys like Yves Roussety are also enjoying having less pressure. He was opening the batting at the age of 17 and battled for two years up there but he’s been able to drop down to eight and that’s going to help him and the team,” Thomas said. “To be honest, there were probably too many kids that were thrown in the deep end too early and we’re just easing them back a bit.”

Newtown’s 2ndXI has already benefited from players dropping back to where they are comfortable and enjoyed an easy win in round one.

Thomas said a 1stXI victory early in the season would mean a lot to the club.

“It would be huge for the club to get a win in the ones. It would really kickstart the season and there’d be a lot of joy for the people who have been working hard around the club and haven’t sung the song for a while,” he said. “Everybody’s excited at the club which is good for the club in its 100th year and it would be good to get a few ones wins under our belt.”

Message From the Pres

Good morning everyone,

Well at last the season is here and we made a promising start, getting home in the seconds, thirds and fourths last Saturday against Lara.

The firsts, although getting beaten, proved that they are a side with great potential and I’m sure supporters can expect good things from our first XI this season.

Following our monthly committee meeting earlier in the month, I thought I’d better report on things arising from that.

Sam Arthurton has arrived safely from Essex as you will already know from last Saturday’s first XI scorebook.

If you haven’t already met Sam, I can report he is a terrific young man. I met him at the airport and he has been living with Dianne and I since his arrival.  We all believe Sam will have a great time in Australia, just as we will enjoy hosting him.

There has been progress on the practice facilities, but of course, the weather hasn’t helped there.

Great thanks to the Geelong College for allowing us to use their facilities.

Our cricket sub-committee continues to be a very active part of our club. I want to congratulate Bryan, Don and Mick Wood on their efforts, and also our secretary, Steff Shaw on the brilliant job she has been doing obtaining all the contact details for players new and old. I know that the coach believes that Steff is just an amazing asset for our club.

Big Jesse Thomas, has agreed to look after the bar for us on Saturday night and we are looking at other arrangements for Thursday night’s. ­ Ron Thomas (Bryan’s father) is the likely candidate for this spot.

Sponsorship is looking pretty healthy, but we still need more, so if you know of someone who should be sponsoring our club, let Phil Morgan know.

Congrats also to Morgo and Brett Bentley, who will captain the 5ths and 6ths this year. In case you haven’t picked it up in the other news avenues Russell Mitchell, Frank Tuskes and Grant Whiteside have been reappointed captains of the 2nds, 3rds and 4ths respectively. They are and will continue to offer great support for Ben Neville our reappointed 1sts Captain.

Generally, as has been the case for a while now, our club is doing well off the field.

When I look around at all the people who willingly put their hands up for jobs, all I can do is feel grateful and proud.

We all know that we have to start performing on the field and I believe that turnaround will start in October 2010, and take us right through to March, 2011.

Let’s enjoy it.


Neville Crane