Month: August 2014

2014 – 2015 Pre-Season Training Schedule – SEPTEMBER

Here are the booked times & dates for our 2014/2015 September pre-season schedule below.

Pre-season training so far has been outstanding for all of those that have attended and thanks for making the effort this far.

As we move into September in preparation for the first weekend in October, now is the time to step it up and have yourself fit and ready for first game being Saturday 04th October, 2014 vs Bell Post Hill – just 5 weeks away.

“So mark these dates down on your calendar / smartphone / app or whatever alerts you to make it there“

September and we will be looking to build on what has been achieved to date in August. This is all aimed at developing methods & techniques to be a better cricketer for yourself and then in turn will help support the goals & objectives for your teams and club.

September is “CRITICAL “if you want to set yourself up for a good year personally.

Geelong Indoor Sports Centre – 13 Gravel Pits Road, South Geelong

  • Date:         Sunday    14th September, 2014                   11.30 am to 1-30 pm (6 lanes)

Barwon Valley Activity Centre – 1 Barwon Heads Road, Belmont (Opposite entrance to K-Mart in Belmont)

  • Date:         Thursday   18th September, 2014                   BVAC – Court Three                    07:00 pm to 09:00 pm

Queens Park Sporting Complex – Stinton & Shaw Ovals

  • Date:         Monday     15th September, 2014                   5.30 pm to 7.00 pm
  • Date:         Saturday      20th September, 2014                9 am Start (Inter Practice Match & Handout of Roles/Positions)
  • Date:         Monday       22nd September, 2014               5.30 pm to 7.00 pm
  • Date:         Tuesday       23rd September, 2014                5.00 pm to 7.00 pm
  • Date:         Thursday     25th September, 2014                 5.00 pm to 7.00 pm


The above sessions are paid for by the club so we need to make sure that we make 100% use of the facilities and that you also make the effort to attend on the above dates.

Please be there 15 minutes prior to the noted times so you can be ready to go.

If you are unable to attend ANY sessions, then please make sure you provide an apology before the session to Philip Twaddle on mobile 0431 382 691 or myself on the above number / contact details.

See you soon


Rod “Rocket” Kiddle

Mobile: 0409 524 841

10 Questions with Daniel Lawrence

lawrencedanNCCC Questions to Daniel

1. Okay Daniel, the most important question first, we know you’ve been talking to Jaik Mickleburgh about us, what has Jaikie told you?

A. Jaik has said that it is a great place to first come to Australia as the club is welcoming and it is a lovely area. He also mentioned how good the standard of cricket was.

2. Can you name any of the other Essex players who have come to Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club?

A. Jaik, Jon Carpenter

3. Your local club is Chingford in the Essex League, how did you get started in cricket.

A. My dad is the groundsman at Chingford so I was brought up around the game and had a cricket pitch in my front garden so had no other choice really!

4. Tell us a bit about your cricket, from what we hear, you’re an oping batsman who bowls a bit.

A. Yeah I open the batting for both Chingford and the Essex second XI. I have had a good year being top run scorer in the Essex league and 150 runs away from achieving 1000 second team runs. I am an off spinner who hasn’t bowled as much as I would have liked to this season but am getting better and better as the weeks go by, also if you ever needed a keeper I have kept a bit for my club and very much enjoy that.

5. What are your ambitions in cricket?

A. I want a successful and long career at Essex and if all goes well potentially playing the highest form of the game for my country.

6. From a cricketing point of view, what do you hope to get out of your time in Australia?

A. I hope to become a better all-round person and player developing all aspects of my game on different surfaces, also leaving time to get in very good shape for the English summer.

7. Is there a travel destination to which you hope to get while you are in Australia?

A. I hope to get to Sydney around Christmas as I know a number of people from club or county that are going out there.

8. What has been the biggest thrill/achievement of your cricket career so far?

A. My best achievement is a scholarship with Essex at 16 years old, this was a very proud moment.

9. Who is your cricketing hero?

A. Ricky Ponting.

10. Who is going to win the next Ashes series?

A. Hate to say it but Australia.

Two Legends Come Home

2 Legends

It is a comforting sight at any club, and particularly “this club, our club”, when you see a couple of legends at the first training session of the year. We all know immediately as he reads this, Lucas Friend will say: “And who was the other one?” But seriously, we’re talking here, Phil Twaddle, and Harvey Stephenson.

In the summer of 2014/2015 Phil Twaddle is going to be chairman of selectors.

Harvey will be in charge of player management, as well as being welfare officer.

Just as Australian cricket discovered when Darren Lehmann “came home” to replace Mickey Arthur, there is something special about having “your own” running the show, people who speak the lingua franca, can be serious when they have to be, and then have a beer and a laugh, telling tall tales and true from a very legendary past. That’s why so many cheered when Rod Kiddle “came home”.

Yes he’d been elsewhere, but you always knew deep down he was a Newtown person. He knew it too. The first time around at Queens Park, Rocket won two premierships, averaged a tad under 40 with his perpendicular bat and bowled his disarming nude balls with great success.

Twads has kind of been back for a while, overseeing Jnr Twads from deep fine legs all over Geelong last year as the thirds  made the grand final. And who will forget the day his chest swelled fit to burst when Jnr Twads got 100. Twads was supposed to be in charge of arvo tea, but instead he stood at the back door of the clubrooms watching Brendan swatting balls everywhere. And then the pair of them hugged – a moment that went right back to the cradle. How could we not forgive Twads for all those cold sausage rolls? This time, he’s in charge of more than sausage rolls. He’s taken on high office, what many will tell you is the toughest job in the club.

Being Twads, he will enjoy those selection discussions because he brings a strong measure of calm logic to everything he says and days. Butchering teaches you that. It’s also what happens when you have the wisdom of a former premiership player combined with that which comes of consorting with which ever gods are up there in the Himalayas. If you go back through your collection of Barnso’s Bibles, you will find stacks of references to Twads. Perhaps a greatest claim to fame is that he shared the new ball with Greg Wells. You can’t play five minutes, let alone whole seasons, with Goose and not learn an awful lot about cricket – and the Rolling Stones.

Those collections of Barnso’s Bibles also feature a bloke by the name of Harvey Stephenson on one of the front covers. With another fella we’re always proud to call our own, Luke “Two-Bluey” Muller, Harvs put on 270 runs against St Peters. That was in the 2001/2002 Club Championship season (all six sides made the finals) when he scored 417 runs at an average of 52. That January day, Bluey and Harvs broke a 64-year-old record set by Vin Hassett and Len Metherall in 1937. When your name is mentioned in the same breath as Vin Hassett, you know you have a special place in the history of Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club. Though you might have seen him around the club occasionally, Harvs has essentially been away from us for a while. But now he’s back, not only because “Rod Kiddle is a very hard man to say no to”, but because he wants to be.

Something special is brewing.

People can feel it and want to be part of it.

A former leg-spinner by the name of Kevin Sheedy reckons you can tell the good coaches because they always have a lot of good people around them, people they trust to be honest with them, people to whom they will listen. They may end up disagreeing, but they will listen. As they re-visit their days or greatness, or talk us through the summer(s) that lie ahead, we’re all going to enjoy listening to Twads and Harvs.

Welcome back!

Daniel Lawrence Wins Insole/Gooch Scholarship


The Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club is pleased to announce that promising young Englishman Daniel Lawrence will be the Insole/Gooch scholar for 2014/2015.

Lawrence will be the fifth player from the Essex County Cricket Club’s Academy to join Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club. “We are very proud of this scheme which is unique in the GCA, and thrilled to hear that Daniel will be playing with us this year,” said club President, Phil Morgan. “We have benefitted in many ways from having players come to us from the Essex Academy, both on the field, and off the field. “These young man who have well defined ambitions to play cricket as professionals create a very professional example for our own players in terms of the way they go out about the game, and also how they carry themselves off the field.”

The previous Insole/Gooch scholars have been:

  • Jaik Mickleburgh
  • Michael Comber
  • Sam Arthurton
  • Jon Carpenter

“Each of these players left a mark on our club,” Morgan said. “Jaik played some crucial innings in helping us ensure we stayed in first division a few summers back. “Michael played some wonderful innings over the course of his stay, bruising a few rose petals at Richmond Crescent. “Sam Arthurton’s performance in a T20 game at Queens Park when he introduced the ramp shot to our club is still talked about. “As for Jonno, you could not have asked for anyone to have done anything more for our club on the field and off it.”

The Insole/Gooch Scholarship was established after a chance meeting with former MCC president and England Test cricketer Doug Insole in 2006. He was lamenting the lack of grit in the England team, at that stage four nil down in the series. It was suggested he might like to send a young Englishman to Newtown to “toughen him up a bit” and Insole readily agreed. Graham Gooch’s role is to provide funding in support of the scholarship. “Once again, we are grateful to Mr Insole, Graham Gooch and also the head of the Essex Academy, John Childs, for their on-going support of this program.”


Daniel Lawrence is a 17-year-old cricketer who plays with the Chingford Club in the Essex Premier League. An opening batsman and spin bowler, he has played Second XI cricket for Essex, this year under the captaincy of Jaik Mickleburgh. He is currently on a two year scholarship with the Essex Cricket Academy.