Month: September 2014


Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club has had one of its strongest and most focussed pre-seasons of recent times, according to the club’s president, Phil Morgan.

Carso“With our new coach, and our new captain, Rod Kiddle and Marc Carson, plus the addition of Phil Twaddle and Harvey Stephenson to our cricket department, we have been really concentrating on the things that help players improve,” Morgan said.

“You see Rod just wander up to someone who is having a net, say a few words, and all of sudden that player improves almost before your eyes.

“It’s the same with Carso with the bowlers, just the little things that can make a big difference.

“Both are very knowledgeable to in that often under-rated aspect of match preparation.

“Of course none of this is really surprising when you look at the records of these men.

“Rocket is one of best players ever in the history of the Geelong Cricket Association, a two time premiership coach at our club being just one part of the resume.

“Marc Carson was a Geelong Cricket Club spearhead for such a long time and that’s a rich vein of experience for our bowlers to draw on.

“Throw in a couple of club legends in the form of Twads and Harvey, and that’s a lot of cricket wisdom on which to draw.” Morgan said that in addition to Carson, the club had a number of other star on-field recruits, including Daniel Lawrence, from Essex.

“He’s only young, so we don’t expect a lot from him, particularly as he adjusts to Australian conditions,” Morgan said.

“But judging by the emails that have been going back and forth between Daniel and the club, he has a lot of enthusiasm, and he wouldn’t get a Gooch/Insole Scholarship if he didn’t have talent.”

Morgan said the club overall was in good shape.

“Every year, on and off the field, you face a lot of challenges,” he said.

“But this year, we have in place a very strong committee, and a solid cricket department.

“Once against experience and wisdom is to the fore, and that really counts.

“It’s great to work with people you know you can rely on, and that’s I think a little hidden strength for us as we go into this season with a whole new leadership set up, that and all the cricket and life wisdom.

“They say you can’t put old heads on young shoulders, but when you put a few old heads in and around a lot of youngsters ready to put their shoulder to the wheel, well it’s a great thing to be part of.”