Month: June 2016

An open letter from Frank Tuskes

I am writing to you as the new club president to ask you to support one of the most important fund-raising activities in the history of the Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club.

At the club’s Annual General Meeting last night – and thanks must go to both David Barnes and through the Australian Sports Foundation – we launched the “Two Blues New Roller Fund’.

The aim of this fund is to cover the purchase of a new roller for the turf wickets at Queens Park – the centre wicket on Stinton Oval, and the practice wickets adjacent to the oval.

Why the need for a new roller?

The existing one is old, in need of constant maintenance and is highly inefficient and time-consuming because of its weight and size.

The new roller will be a ride one roller making it more effective both from a matter of timeliness, and also because of the better quality wickets it will allow us to prepare.

Simply, as part of our on-going commitment to constant improvement, the best wicket in the GCA will continue to get better.

New efficiencies, flexibility and innovation are key part of the way the Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club needs to operate in an increasingly demanding sporting and community environment.

The cost of the new roller is approximately $30,000.

We’ve already had a number of generous offers to support the project, but we need more.

Please make your own donation, and circulate this request and the details of the project to as many people as you can.

Because this project has been approved by the Australian Sports Foundation, donations are tax deductible.

Further details on the project, and how to make a donation can be clicking on the below link.

Australian Sporting Foundation – Two-Blues New Roller Fund

YouTube Video – Click here!

Go Two Blues!


Adam Kalz
Adam Kalz

Yves Roussetty

Yves Roussety

The Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club is pleased to announce two important appointments as it gets ready for the 2016.2017 season.

Outstanding clubmen Yves Roussety and Adam Kalz will become Training and Performance Co-Ordinator and Head of Conditioning and Activities respectively.

“These are two great appointments for us as Devon Royce puts together his cricket department,” said club secretary Frank Tuskes.

“Yves is a loyal Two Blue, a premiership player and a person well respected right across the club.

“As for Kalzie, he’s a real go to man in any situation, on and off the cricket field.

“Both bring a lot of enthusiasm to anything they do in cricket and they will give a lot of support to Devon.”

Devon Royce, who takes over from his legendary father Don as Director of Cricket, has quietly been putting together the programs to help ensure the Two Blues are ready to go come round one in October.

“Dev has done a great job in setting up a structure that I’m sure will hold the club in good stead for the future,” Frank Tuskes said.

“We talked to a lot of people about last season, and this season, we’ve had a lot of constructive feedback, as anyone who knows Dev will attest, he’s not frightened to listen to other people, and their ideas, and incorporate them in his own.

“It’s the way he has always played his cricket and he is now transferring that to his new leadership role.”

Former Camberwell and Geelong coach Damian Shanahan will again be a key figure at Newtown and Chilwell in the role of Coach and Leadership Consultant.

“Shannas has forgot more about cricket than a lot of people will ever know,” Frank Tuskes said.

“His wise words and careful thinking will provide a huge resource for Dev and the rest of the cricket department.

“So what we are trying to create is the perfect learning and playing environment for the unbelievable crop of talented young juniors we have coming through, right down to the Under 11’s.

“This is an exciting time to be part of Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club if you’re already part of the club, or to get involved the first time.