Month: July 2016

Whitford Real Estate gets behind Two-Blues – $1000 for every house sold

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Once again our great NCCC supporter Jason Thiele is generously offering to donate $1,000 to the club for every property Whitford sells via a referral from us.

Jason is a terrific bloke, heavily involved in our junior programs and his son Tom is one of the many promising youngsters at our club.

This is a great opportunity for us to work together as a cricket community and to show that sponsorship of our club is a two way street – we support local businesses and they support us.

If you have thoughts of buying, selling or finding out the value of your property or you know of someone who is thinking of buying or selling, please contact Jason now on the below details:-

Jason Thiele
M: 0417 994 583
A: 2/55 Sharp St, Newtown Vic 3220

Many thanks again to Whitford.

Go the Two-Blues!



The Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club appeal to raise funds for a much-needed new roller has reached $19,820.98.

“That leaves us needing another $7,629.02 to cover the costs of the roller, so we still have to have more people get on the board,” said club president Frank Tuskes.

“Additionally we want the Australian Sports Foundation appeal fund we have set up to be used to raise money for a new bowling machine.

“Both the existing roller and the bowling machine need updating.

“The roller has been in use since 1984 and repaired many times and it is a credit to our curators that we have produced the best wicket in the GCA with such an antiquated piece of equipment.

“The new ride-on roller brings us into the 21st Century and ensures that not only the centre wicket remains in excellent condition but that our practice turf wickets are also of the highest standard.

“This year we really do want to practise as we play and a 21st Century bowling machine is part of that.

“The bowling machine will be a tremendous boon for our juniors as well as our seniors, so I am really encouraging the parents of our players to contribute to the appeal.

“We know how many promising young players we are bringing through the club at the moment, we want to provide them with every opportunity to develop their talents to the fullest.

“That means the best coaching, and the best practice facilities.”

The President thanked those who had donated already.

“There have been a number of moments of great generosity,” he said.

“Those people are true blue Two-Blues.

“We just need a few more people to get on board so that we ensure that our infrastructure allows us to achieve the things we want to achieve not just as a cricket club, but as a contributor to our local community.”

All donations are tax deductible and can be made by clicking here or from the Two-Blues website home page.