Month: September 2016



Gold Diggers




This Sunday, October the 2nd, at 2pm, we launch our season in the Atticus Room, upstairs at the Gold Diggers.

As well as a deep and meaningful discussion about where the summer of 2016/2017 might take us, it’s a chance to purchase your merchandise for the summer from the tireless Twads, pay your membership, or get your must have reading material for the little library – Barnso’s Bible.

No other club in Geelong, and many around Australia, has a record of its history like the one David Barnes produces.

There’s plenty of other news to talk about as well.

The much-loved Dom Manthorpe is back for another summer in Geelong. We must have done something right to get this great cricketer and even greater bloke back.  He will be living with Brendan and Florianne.

The Twaddles senior and junior have gone over and beyond in hosting our players from Essex and we owe them a big debt.

One thing we do need for Dom is a car.  Any ideas on that front, bring them with you on Sunday.

Training this week is the traditional Tuesday and Thursday. Get along because he counts towards selection.

Another pat on the back for Barnso – because a new wicket is being put in on Shaw Oval, there will be no practice match this Friday.

As well as Barnso, we are grateful to the City of Greater Geelong and to the GCA for helping us upgrade the facilities on the oval named for our patron.

See you Sunday, and for those who don’t know, Atticus, as well as being the central character in Harper Lee’s immortal novel To Kill A Mockingbird, is the name of an ancient Greek philosopher.

Think about that as you climb the stairs. Everyone is welcome.







Geelong Financial Group Vehicle & Equipment Finance comes on board for its first year as sponsor of the Newtown & Chilwell Cricket Club and couldn’t be more excited to get behind the Two Blues for their 2016/17 Summer campaign.

It is also with great pleasure that we announce the inaugural award of Junior Player of the Year which will be sponsored by Geelong Financial Group Vehicle & Equipment Finance. Recognising the importance of a strong junior program in any sporting club GFG V&E jumped at the opportunity to support this area of the club in awarding a junior rising star.

Geelong Financial Group has been part of the Geelong woodwork for 16 years now and its vehicle and equipment finance department is headed up by Angus Macdonald (pictured left) who joined the team in 2014. Originally from a farming background outside of Hamilton in the Western Districts Angus began his finance career in Melbourne after completing a business degree at University. Angus brings with him a wealth of knowledge all things vehicles and machinery and combined with his experience in finance makes him capable of providing the right advice when financing vehicles or equipment for business or personal use.

Areas GFG specialise in offering comprehensive finance for equipment include:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Aircrafts
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Farm Equipment
  • Office Equipment including furniture and office machines
  • Warehouse Equipment including forklifts and racking
  • Lifetsyle assets including motorcycles, caravans, boats and jetski’s

Please refer to brochure for further information by clicking here.

“The whole club will join with me in welcoming Angus Macdonald and Simon Sutterby (Pictured right) back to the club in this new way, as a sponsor” said club president Frank Tuskes.

“Simon made his First Xl debut for the club 30 summers ago and in more recent times played in the lower grades with his son Blake, so he holds a pretty special place in our club.

“So he knows our club well and to have him involved in this new way is uplifting for us.”

“Welcome to the Two-Blues Angus and welcome home Simon… and keep the whites handy!”

Simon Sutterby’s First XI Career
Player number: 352
Matches: 39
Runs: 780
Highest score: 70
Average: 17.58

Simon Sutterby – All grades
Matches: 66
Runs: 1886
Highest score: 170
Average: 29.46

A message from Dev Royce – Spring Pre Season Training Update

Hi All,

Please see below the Pre-Season Training schedule from September 2016 onwards. Season 2016/17 is a very important one for the club.

Taking into consideration our young list, our new & improved training programs and the enthusiasm amongst the group, we believe that we can improve across the board and have a successful year.

BUT – It is up to every single player to make the effort to get to training, not miss a game and contribute where you can. Go the extra yard. The rewards in the form of team success and personal satisfaction are there if you really want it.

Pre season training has been fantastic. The leadership group are enthusiastic, well organised and are committed to providing fun, interesting and beneficial training for the remainder of pre-season and into the coming season proper.

The specialised training sessions on a Monday with Damian Shanahan have been a real success and have launched the group into the rest of pre-season.

The Friday sessions have been well attended and the improvement in the group has been noticeable to all.

The Melbourne training group have made huge steps in their improvement and are primed for the remainder of pre season and the first game.

The Sunday outdoor sessions have been specific, beneficial and great fun. We have three consecutive practice matches lined up for the 18th, 24th (Vs Epping CC) & 30th of September. It’s essential you attend training so you are considered to play in these matches. If you haven’t been to a Sunday session then please start from this Sunday. It is now time for you as a player and club member, to decide whether you are committed to the coming season.





Please see below updated dates for remainder of pre-season training at Queens Park.

Great news is we have a new training venue “The Cage” available at Covenant College for a couple of Tuesday night sessions. Please see map below at bottom of page for directions.


Sunday 4th SEPTEMBER                     9 to 11am

Tuesday 6th September                      6pm-7.30pm (COVENANT COLLEGE)

Sunday 11th SEPTEMBER                    9 to 11am

Tuesday 13th September                    6pm-7.30pm (COVENANT COLLEGE)

Sunday 18th SEPTEMBER                    Practice Match (Intra club match 10am – 2pm)

Tuesday 20th SEPTEMBER                  5.30-7pm

Thursday 22th SEPTEMBER                 5.30-7pm

Saturday 24th SEPTEMBER               Practice Match Vs Epping CC (Two games at different venues 11am – 4.30pm)

Tuesday 27th SEPTEMBER                  5.30-7pm

Thursday 29th SEPTEMBER                 5.30-7pm

Friday 30th SEPTEMBER                     Practice Match Vs Club TBA (10am – 4pm) (AFL Grand Final Eve Holiday)

Sunday 2nd October                           SEASON LAUNCH – MIDDAY (Gold Diggers Arms – The Atticus Room)

Tuesday 4th OCTOBER                        5.30-7pm

Thursday 6TH OCTOBER                     5.30-7pm (Followed by dinner at clubrooms with team announcements)

COVENANT COLLEGE- Creamery Rd Bell Post Hill

Covenant College - Map for Cage

Many thanks,

Devon Royce

Newtown & Chilwell Cricket Club – Director of Cricket

M: 0409 549 249



Please follow yellow line when entering through front gate and park in rear car park. The Cage is located where “B” is marked.



Cooper Bingham 1

Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club is pleased to announce that Cooper Bingham will play with the Two-Blues this summer.

Bingham, who is currently in England and playing with Woodford Green Cricket Club in Essex, comes to NCCC from second division club Torquay.

“Cooper wants to play First Division cricket, and also to play with some of his mates, particularly those with whom he went to school at Geelong College,” said NCCC’s Director of Cricket, Devon Royce.

“We will be a young side this season and we are looking to develop Cooper and some of his old school mates like Will Simson and Tim Hosking into the next generation of Two-Blue champions.”

Cooper Bingham is the leading run-maker for Woodford Green this summer, his 689 runs at an average of just under 50, including a highest score of 101.

“Those are great stats and we look forward to Cooper maintaining that good form when he joins us,” Devon Royce said.

“On top of being a good cricketer, he’s a ripper bloke, the type of person always welcome at our club.”

10 Questions

Q. Welcome to the club, why have you chosen to play with the Two-Blues this season?

A. I have a lot of mates from school that have played at Newtown for a long time and since playing against them in the junior days could tell that it is a well-run and well-rounded cricket club. I went along to the reverse raffle last year and it was easy to see just how much of a community-based club it was.

Q. You’ve got some pretty good mates from your school days at our club, what have they told you about Newtown?

A. Yeah Timmy, Wink and Barry have been pretty big influences in getting me down to the Two Blues, just constantly on my back expressing the hard nature of the club but also the fun that goes along with it

Q. Describe yourself as a cricketer?

A. As a cricketer I would describe myself as a grinder, by no stretch of the imagination am I a technically sound cricketer, but hopefully I can grind out an innings with patience being my biggest asset, also like to look lively in the field, if you don’t have green marks on your whites for your Mum to wash, have you really been fielding?

Q. Who is your cricket hero?

A. Cricketing hero would have to be Adam Gilchrist, since watching him smash the Poms around the WACA and taking blinders behind the stumps made me want to take the gloves for the under 11s, but in more recent times loved watching Michael Clarke play classy cover drives and front foot pull shots, and also AB de Villiers playing 360 degrees.

Q. You’ve been playing with one of the oldest cricket clubs in the world in England, Woodford Green, how’s that been?

A. Yeah it wasn’t until I arrived in London that I found out the history of the club and ground, Woodford Green CC is the second oldest club in the world to still play on its original ground, it’s been a great experience playing with the boys at “The Green”

Q. Which is the best pub in Woodford, The Crown, The Cricketers or the Travellers Friend?

A. I’d have to say The Cricketers, not just because of its name, good vibe and old English styled set up, really welcoming bar maids too ????

Q. How is English cricket different to what you have been playing in Australia?

A. It took me a while to adjust to the pitches in the UK, sometimes clubs won’t cover their pitch so you may rock up on a Saturday to find it’s quite damp and slow, I was getting caught at cover a lot when I first arrived, just going through my shot to early, but once you adjust you can really check your shot before going through with it.

Q. You’ve taken the time to travel outside England while overseas, what’s the best thing you’ve done.

A. Yeah as we speak I’m in Rome and it is fantastic, weather is great and just a full on atmosphere which I enjoy, best thing I’ve done would have to be relaxing on beaches in Sorrento, as boring as that sounds was just good to chill out.

Q. On Facebook, you are known as Cooper Silky Bingham, care to enlighten us.

A. I was really hoping this question didn’t arise, it was after we lost the grand final last year for Anglesea, we had sank a few tinnies when the seniors rocked up and started calling me silky, something to do with lack of footballing ability I presume.

Q. What are your ambitions for the season ahead?

A. I am really looking forward to the upcoming season with the Two Blues, with the young group we have I really hope to push for finals and take the team as deep into the finals as we can, I think we might be underestimated for our age this year, but we could be a bit of a surprise package which I am keen to be a part of.


Danlaid Contracting – Geelong is a flooring preparation and waterproofing contracting business carrying out all tasks of flooring in a professional manner on time and on budget.

Geelong’s Danlaid franchise has a team of highly experienced support staff offering ongoing advice around the clock.

One of those team members is a highly regarded member of our team – Fourth XI batting average winner for season 2015/2016, Sam Callow.

“Both Sam and his son Riley play with our club, and it is great that Sam has agreed to come on board as a sponsor this year,” said club president Frank Tuskes.

“They have only been at our club for a few years, but as well as playing, Sam has put his hand up for coaching roles and now he is also contributing to the club financially – a true blue Two-Blue.”

Danlaid Contracting Pty Ltd was founded in 1997 by the Managing Director, Danny Laidlaw. Since then Danny and his staff, especially those in the Geelong franchise, have acquired an enviable reputation for quality work and outstanding customer service.

The company deals with all major manufacturers of flooring products and works with customers with flooring needs of all sizes – from 10 square metres to 10,000 square metres.

“As with a number of new sponsors for the season ahead, we have customised Sam’s sponsorship to meet his and Riley’s needs, as well as the business needs of Danlaid,” Frank Tuskes said.

“Once again, I am calling on other potential sponsors to come and have a chat about how we can work out a sponsorship arrangement that suits them personally as well as their business plans.

“We take pride in the fact that we can put together a sponsorship deal that is a win for everybody.

“Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club has a well-established communications network that allows us to get a sponsor’s message to an elite group of people in Geelong through our website, the Two-Blue Tribune, social media, and probably most powerfully given the quality of people in our club, by word-of-mouth.”