Month: December 2017

Russell Mitchell – 400 Games


No one bleeds two blue blood like premiership player, life member, soon to be 400-gamer and resident recidivist ratbag Russell Mitchell.

As Devon Royce says, there is no more committed batsman when he’s at the wicket.

Just ask Joeys about how committed he can be when last season he thought we might be relegated to Second Division.

Or the blokes from Murghie who had to put up with him during that massive partnership this year with Oscar Hill.

Or, yeah, the stories are legion, and it’s not just the opposition that can cop it, as was brilliantly summed up by Rhys Bennett’s impersonation of him during last year’s semi-final when after a miss-field, Rhys flung his hat into the ground in mock high dudgeon.

As well as flung huts, there are a lot of stats around Russell but really stat should only re-enforce what your eyes are already telling you.

Russell played 97 games in the ones, featured in four first Xl premierships and had a highest score of 213 not out.

All up he has 10 premierships, four more in the seconds, and two in the Thirds, the last of those the one he so dearly wanted, playing with his son Sammy.

He is closing in on 10,000 runs but what that stat don’t tell you is how many of those were made in situations where he was fighting to get Newtown and Chilwell back into the game.

They don’t call him Battler for nothing.

So, this Saturday as our beloved Battler reaches this other stat that as a figure alone is impressive enough, even before we consider all the grit, the sweat and the sledges that went into it, we should congratulate him on what have been four decades of undying dedication to the Two Blue causes.