10 Questions with Biggsy

Q1: You seem to have been a permanent fixture around the club for decades, when and how did you first start playing at Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club?

A1: I first started playing at NCCC in the Under 12’s as a 10- year-old in 1992. My coach was Adam O’Connor.

Q2: What does the club mean to you?

A2: It means a great deal, I’ve been around the club now for 26 years. Have been lucky enough to play in three premierships and played with some great people who have taught me a lot.

Q3: How did you get the nickname Biggsy?

A3: American Pie the movie came out in 1999, I looked quite a bit like Jason Biggs, the star of the movie. As I recall Jason Muller coined the nickname and it’s stuck ever since.

Q4: 224 games, three centuries, three premierships, what has been the playing highlight for you?

A4: The two 2nd XI premierships are clear standouts. Incredible memories and lifelong bonds with those team mates. It’s hard to separate those two, however perhaps the first 2nd XI flag in 2005 was the most satisfying because we came from sixth, beat East Belmont twice and it was just the best feeling when we got the win. Russ and I still talk fondly of our bus ride home from Lara after
winning that flag. Magic!

Q5: What was it like opening the batting with Dan Lawrence for a season?

A5: Yeah very cool! I’d been pencilled in as 2nd XI captain but was playing OK so got to start in the Ones. I managed to make a few runs that year to keep my spot and got to watch him week in
week out. Just a gun player who could punish any bowler! Let’s hope he goes on to play for England.

Q6: You’ve served the club before – as treasurer – helping turn a loss 10 years ago into a profit-making year with $60,000 in the bank, which do you think will be the toughest job, treasurer or this new shared role of Chairman of Selectors?

A6: Hopefully a selector will be easier. The treasurer job was difficult as I really didn’t know what I was doing. Good to hear we did OK.

Q7: What can the playing group do to help you do the job of Co-Chairman of Selectors?

A7: As I understand it, my job is to ensure that the lines of communication are open always. We understand that today people lead busy lives and playing cricket every week is not always  possible. The most important thing is we know about it well in advance and can be prepared. We will be setting up a database of availability and making sure it is up to date. If you cannot play
certain weeks, let us know as early and easily as possible so we can plan and adjust teams accordingly.

Q8: Across the years, you’ve played with some pretty good cricketers, who is the best Two Blue you have seen?

A8: Tough question, as you say, I’ve played with some great cricketers. I’d have to say the best Two Blue I have seen is Ben Neville. They didn’t call him Freak for nothing!

Q9: You’re very much the family man these days, how long before we see a couple of young Bennett’s running around on Stinton Oval on a Friday night as part of Milo in2Cricket?

A9: Well our daughter is three, and our son is eight months so it’s probably a little while off, but I’ll get them down and hopefully they enjoy it as much as I have.

Q10: Your Russell Mitchell story, because everyone must have one?

A10: Have been fortunate enough to play in two premierships with Russ, both very memorable. I just loved his ability to get the best out of us all. You always felt confident when batting with him.
We shared an 80-odd run partnership in difficult conditions in a semi-final which was pivotal in getting us into the grand-final. He’s just a Two Blues legend and it is great I’ve been able to share some of those moments with him.