Leah Irving – Appointed as new Food Manager

The Newtown and Cricket Club is pleased to announce that Leah Irving will be Food Manager for the next season. “We welcome Leah on board,” said club president Frank Tuskes.

“Leah is in charge of organising food for the club whether we need some catering for past players day or organising meals for the players on a Thursday evening.

“She will be a ripper, but it is not a task to be left to Leah alone.

“This is a time for more and more people to be volunteering in this area and I am happy to hear from any one happy to help out their club.

“The Thursday night and Saturday night meals are a huge part of our club’s tradition and we look forward to Leah’s massive contribution building on all that over the summer.”

Leah Irving has a great record of community service in charitable organisation and sporting groups in the Geelong area.

“I am pleased to be working with the club,” she said.

“It has been a great place for my son Levi to grow up in and as a family, we would like to put something back.

“To be successful, we will need other parents to volunteer to help out in the kitchen, so please make contact, either with me or with Frank.

“Spreading the workload makes it easier for everyone to provide this valuable resource for the club.”