GCA Air Quality Guidelines

The GCA management committee met last night to introduce air quality guidelines that are to be activated in senior competitions for the remainder of season 2019/20 commencing this Saturday.

With unprecedented recent weather conditions the GCA is acting to reduce risk to players and officials health and well being and is requesting full support of clubs and officials in a commonsense approach.

We have confirmed with Cricket Australia that their recommendations within the guidelines are that play should be suspended within community cricket competitions when air quality levels measured for PM2.5 read 150+.

Please read the attached GCA air quality policy guidelines and communicate to club members.

The GCA will be using the EPA South Geelong site as it’s monitoring tool.

Please visit the EPA AirWatch website to view current levels  – https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/EPAAirWatch

Policy operational process…

Prior to match start time…

On days of poor air quality clubs will be notified by 11:30am by email and Facebook, should the reading be 150 and above and play will be abandoned for the day in all senior grades.

During the match….

Should the air quality deteriorate the GCA Facebook site will be updated hourly with the current reading and any match advice.

When the graph reading reaches 150 as stated in the Facebook updates, matches will cease immediately and play abandoned for the day in all senior grades. Should a result not be achieved at the time of notification matches will be declared drawn.

Player safety and wellbeing is our primary concern and ask clubs to fully support this important initiative.

Please visit the EPA AirWatch website to view current levels  – https://www.epa.vic.gov.au/EPAAirWatch