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Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club and Geelong Amateur Football and Netball Club are proud to announce a sponsorship deal with KFC to name their home ground KFC Oval for the next three years.

“This is an outstanding contribution by KFC to the promotion of sport in our region,” said NCCC President, Frank Tuskes. “Cricket and KFC already have a well-established bond at the domestic and international levels, and it fantastic to see it happening at club level.

“This sponsorship will help us ensure our facilities remain at the highest standards. We thank KFC and the Hosking Family for their magnificent support.”

GANFC also welcomed the announcement.

“This is also a huge boost for us and we too would like to thank KFC for their support of sport at the grassroots level,” said club president Simon Farrell. “We would also like to acknowledge the lead role NCCC played in setting up this sponsorship. With this and recent renovations to the club rooms, in which we played our leading role, there is obviously a great spirit of co-operation between the two clubs which is a great benefit to the many communities we serve.”

KFC’s Craig Hosking said supporting local communities was always a priority for his organisation.

“Our franchises in Geelong are very much a part of the community, and we are aware of what a key role both NCCC and GANFC play in fostering sport right across the ages,” he said. “KFC Oval is home to junior cricket and football all the way up to Over 70s cricket. To be able to support all of those groups through this sponsorship is a big win for us.”



Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club has appointed George Chisholm as First Xl captain for next summer.

“With Shane Franklin stepping down, George is the obvious replacement,” said the club’s Director of Cricket, Devon Royce. “He is a former junior who has worked his way through the ranks, winning a premiership in the Second Xl before becoming a prominent member of the First Xl as an opening batsman of class, as well as a handy off-spinner. George is a natural leader who has the respect of the playing group.”

Royce also paid tribute to Franklin, who captained the Two Blues for the past two summers, leading them to the finals in 2016/17.

“Our club was lucky to have Shane join us at a pivotal moment in our history,” Royce said. “With his rich experience both here in Australia and overseas, he has been a wise and calming influence on what is still a very young First Xl side and he has played a key role in developing George to the point where he can now step up to his new role.

“As a club, our focus has been on developing our juniors but while that happens, you need steadying influences and Shane has been that and more. It is fantastic that because of Shane’s influence, we can now appoint as our First Xl captain a player who has been a long-term member of our club.

“George Chisholm was a member of an Under 13’s premiership team and he made his senior debut 11 summers ago and by blossoming into our new First Xl captain, provides leadership and inspiration for all the youngsters coming through our junior programs.”

George said he was honoured by the appointment.

“I have grown up in the Newtown and Chilwell Cricket and it holds a special place in my life,” he said. “I have always considered it a privilege to just play with the Two Blues, to be asked to be the First Xl captain is both a great honour and a great challenge, one in which I will be helped by the emerging talent we have at the club.”


Ahead of his Roast on January 28th, Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club sat down with Russell Mitchell with a list of 10 questions. Here are his answers.

Q1. When did you first start playing with the Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club?
A. 1975 at North Shore. Mr Royce took me with his son Dev in the back seat. Car was very messy as I remember, books everywhere. I had my Shaw and Shrewsbury bat, my prize possession at the time. My last birthday present from my father and some old pads. Batted without a box and gloves. Made three batting at 9. Whopped the first ball I faced for three then went out trying to whop another one. Best day of my life. I knew then that I would play for this club forever.

Q2. You’re a Life Member of the club as well as a premiership player, what does the club mean to you?
A. Hard to explain in words. All I can say is that I have been blessed to be at this great club. All my best friends are from NCCC. Met my beautiful Selina because of going out with Knackers who tried to pick her up but I cut his lunch. I don’t want to think what would have happened to me if I hadn’t followed my big brother to NCCC. Life membership is a huge honour considering I hate committees and listening to wafflers like Strop , Morgo and Tuskes.

Q3. You must have been pleased to be playing at Herne Hill Oval the other day and being able to watch Sam getting his first wicket in the First Xl.
A. Yes very proud to see my boy out there in the two blue colours. He loves the club like me which is the best thing about him being here. Wouldn’t mind facing him though if I was 19 haha!

Q4. Who is the best player in your time at NCCC, after yourself, of course?
A. Hard to separate Greg Wells, Mick Bowtell and Stephen Wells. All champions in big games. I’m leaving out a few others too like Frank Meek, Chris Lynch, Ken Davis , Mark Browne, Ben Neville, Gavin Castle. No wonder we won SIX in a row in the 70/80’s. Mark Browne was the best keeper I have seen by a country mile.

Q5. Who is your most respected opponents after all your years playing in the GCA?
A. I’d have to say East Belmont and North Geelong. Tough competitors who play like NCCC. I have had many bitter battles with these clubs but as the years have passed mutual respect is now in order. I just lied then, I hate them all.

Q6. Who is your favourite person at NCCC and why?
A. Very hard to single any one out. I love all the players who wear the colours but David Shaw and Stroppa’s family are family to me. I love playing with Dev he always gives his all, always. One person I can’t stand is Frank Tuskes … what a useless p. Always encouraging me to gamble and he knows I’ve got a very bad problem. Shocking friend. Sehwag isn’t much better. I love Stinker, he’s got a bad temper like me and always gives it to the opposition. Plus he lets me sing every now and then.

Q7. They are lining up a lot of people to speak at your Roast on the 28th, do you intend to give as good as you get?
A. They’d better be careful about what they say as I have last right of reply and I have a great memory and I have got dirt on all of them.

Q8. All premierships are special, but is there a favourite among yours?
A. Tough question. I was very lucky to play in three premierships in a row in 81-82 2nds, 82-83 1sts, 83-84 1sts. I had THREE turf flags before I was 20 and I didn’t think much about it because we just won everything. You took it for granted. We lost 84-85 under Goose and that was heart-wrenching. Only time I’ve ever shed a tear after a game. When we won 87-88 with Stephen after a tie in the semi-final, That was the greatest feeling I’ve had after winning a flag. What a night that was, the rooms busting at the seams and it was against North the arch enemy. 2012-2013 Second’s flag was pretty special as I got to win one with my great mate Dev and Stroppa and a little junior called George Chisholm. Winning last year with Sam and getting a flag for Red was pretty special. The useless prick deserved to finally win one. Winning that flag with Dev and Jack and getting photos with Laura are precious memories for me considering Laura was like a mum to me. I miss her so much.

Q9. Have you ever said anything on a cricket field you regret? No is acceptable!!!!!!
A. No. I only say it how I see it at the time and I have a very short fuse when I’m wearing the NCCC colours. I never get personal. You have to remember I hate the opposition and I don’t like weak efforts so sometimes I lose the plot. Stephen Wells was the same when he was skipper. He will disagree of course but we were all shit-scared of him when he captained. Bad tempered little bastard. I probably shouldn’t swear as much but I’m old and losing my marbles and I can’t help it so I have an excuse. Tried Serenity now but it doesn’t work.

10. Should you have played more games of football for Geelong or were you happy enough going from club to club in local football and taking their money?
A. In hindsight I should have played a couple more seasons which I regret now but if I had done so I wouldn’t played in the 87-88 flag which is my most cherished so in the wash up I made the right decision plus I got to fleece all these football clubs and go on countless footy trips for free.



Zac Stokes only got the new ball in his first senior game because he had to leave early. His run up made Bob Willis look like Dennis Lillee. The tangle of arms and legs at the popping crease did little to conjure confidence behind the wicket. But when he let it go, there was something there. The ball moved in the air, and off the wicket. It hit timber, the bat edge, the stumps. As he made his scheduled early departure, the consensus behind the wicket was that a star was born, a young quick who has over the years produced many gut-busting performances on the concrete before working his way up to being a highly talented turf bowler.

But there’s more to Zac Stokes than running in and bowling. He’s a quality club man, and nothing embodies that more than his decision to become part of the club’s new administration as assistant treasurer.

“Tank has made the offer to take on the job,” secretary Frank Tuskes said. “He’s just the quality person you want in that role. “Since he came to us as a schoolboy with a desire to bowl quick, he has gained a degree in accounting at Deakin University, and certainly a great degree of respect around our club. “People just love the way he gives 100 per cent on the field. “Captains know that when they throw him the ball, whether its old or new, he will run in flat out and give everything he’s got.

“Having someone with that passion on the committee, particularly when you add in those accounting qualifications, is a great step forward for us as we put together the new management structures that we know the club needs in the 21st Century. “For young juniors coming through, Zac is a role model. “You give your best on the field, you set yourself up off the field by studying hard. “As well as a role model, he has turned himself into a model employee. “We take him on as assistant confident in his abilities to do the job.

“Any employer in Geelong needing a good accountant can do exactly the same thing. “Welcome on board ‘Tank’.”


2nds Flag

  1. What is your first memory of cricket?  Spending Saturdays roaming Queens Park as a 6-12 year old while Dad was playing 3rds. Alternating between playing in the old tram in the playground, sitting in the scorers box with Charlie, scoffing Four n Twenty pies from the kiosk that Mrs Lodding used to give me, diving into the river off the third green for golf balls and most importantly watching the Platinum Era 1st X1 dominate on Stinton Oval. A truly charmed childhood.
  1. Who has been the biggest influence on your cricket career? Dad ( juniors) & Russell (seniors) I wished I applied Dad’s advice a bit more early on. In hindsight he was so spot on. Russell gave me a bowl and taught me to be competitive.
  1. What is the best piece of advice you have been given about cricket that you would want to pass us on to all the N&CCC players? Concentration is crucial in every aspect of cricket. Without it, it’s hard to apply your skills to a pressure situation consistently. Know the limitations of your own personal game and work within them.
  1. You’ve won four premierships in all club championship grades, was the you one this year with your son Jack the best yet? From a purely selfish perspective yes and it’s something we will share forever to accompany our mutual infatuation with NCCC & cricket in general. They’ve all been special in their own way. 4ths with Dad, 3rds with Jack, my mates and kids I’ve coached, 2nds with Russ and having Dad as scorer/ manager took us back to the late 70’s when Dad coached Russ. The 1st X1 flag was a childhood dream realised.
  1. You’ve been heavily involved in the juniors the past few seasons, how do you see your role of Director of Cricket in relation to that part of the club’s activities? To continue to work with all club members to integrate the junior and senior playing members at training, on game day and socially. The programs we deliver must be about improving and educating the juniors. The friendships and training partnerships between senior and junior players must be further developed. My dearest friendships and childhood heroes originated at NCCC. It’s not just about the cricket though. We must continue to organise and facilitate social events including junior and senior families at every opportunity (e.g. Saturday night junior T20 game). I believe the idea of the clubroom facilities primarily being there for senior players to have a beer after the game is dated. We provide a community service to all members, as well as a safe & welcoming environment. We all know that this is becoming more important for our younger generation in this crazy, selfish world we live in.
  1. You once bowled with a dislocated shoulder just to help the club out, where does this infinite love of Newtown and Chilwell come from? That was just stupid. I’m still paying for it. I’ve been hanging around the club since I was a three year old. The friendships, memories, personal & team thrills the club and its members have provided for me over my life, is in my opinion a debt which I will never be able to fully repay. It is such a great place to learn about life, to test yourself in so many different ways and then take those learnings and apply them into other aspects of life, be it business, the workplace, relationships etc. Being involved in a club allows you access to competitive situations, friendships, business networks and team involvement. It teaches you to deal with failure and also provides that sense of achievement that the human soul needs. Deep, but so true. Cricket is a great game that you can play well into adulthood as well. I’m just got lucky that I play at NCCC. I wonder if all members actually realise how lucky we are to have our home base at Queens Park?
  1. You’ve watched and played alongside some of the club’s greatest warriors, who is the best Two-Blue cricketer you’ve seen? Greg Wells, without a doubt. Longevity, competitiveness, a pure mixture of flair, consistency, brilliance and skill. He was and is respected by teammates and opposition alike. Greg consistently lifted and performed in the finals, under pressure and when his team required. His statistical record is universally unique. Outstanding leader and clubman to boot.
  1. Looking forward to the summer of 2016/2017, what are the mains goals you want to achieve in your new role of Director of Cricket? Initially in the off season, it is to develop a leadership and coaching structure that efficiently delivers training programs that allow us to learn how to train specifically to improve our individual and team cricket skills. This structure and the application of the programs needs to be transferable year on year. We need to make it the NCCC way of training and ultimately playing. We have promising juniors and young turf players at NCCC. They need to have the correct guidance, specific programs and the best facilities to allow them to keep improving their games. There will be more specific information released to the playing group in the very near future to further outline our already advanced plans, including the people who will play big roles in the development and implementation of these programs. Pre-season and in the season proper it will be about being a conduit for all those people in specific roles and ensuring they are delivering on what is required of them and that everybody is moving in the same direction. Our young playing group is so keen to learn and improve and my goal is to provide the best program possible for them. Let’s continue to make improvements to our club where we see fit and ensure it is an enjoyable and productive place to be. If we do this, the results on the field will come and good people will be wanting to come and play for us.
  1. You’ve been involved in Geelong cricket one way or another for four decades, what is the biggest change you have seen in that time?  Not enough change for mine. T20 is a welcome addition to the game and certainly has a place in this fast food world we live in. We need to keep appealing to the younger generation and to an extent us older generations realise that we need to adapt to what appeals to them to ensure our game doesn’t fade away. I would like to see more one-dayers played, as I believe it would attract back to the game and clubs a lot of 20-30yo whose sporting life is dominated by AFL. Scoring on tablets and the compilation of stats for all to see is good for the new generation.
  1. How hard was it to carry Frank Tuskes all season to get that third XI premiership and complete your club championship set and give him his first premiership.J? Frank Tuskes proved himself as a hard-nosed, determined and ruthless finals player this season. He was duly rewarded for it with a premiership. His innings in the Preliminary Final and the Grand Final were pivotal to us winning. I really enjoy playing cricket with Frank. He really doesn’t know much about bowling though. HaHa!

Thirds Flag 2016


Dev profileNewtown and Chilwell Cricket Club has made another exciting move as it prepares for the summer of 2016-17 and beyond, appointing club legend Devon Royce as the Director of Cricket. Devon Royce takes over the role from his father, Don Royce OAM, one of Geelong’s most revered cricket administrators.

“In so many ways, it is just the perfect appointment for us,” said club secretary Frank Tuskes. “Don has given so much to our club over the years. “His wisdom is unsurpassed in Geelong cricket, and Devon has been absorbing that since he was a junior. “So many times on the field, Dev has played his heart out for us, and so we know it is in exactly the right place when he takes on what is one of the most demanding roles at our club.

“He’s a life-member, he’s a four-time premiership player and his knowledge of cricket is just enormous as those who have played with him, and against him, will attest. “Fittingly, his own son, Jack has been playing with us in both senior and junior cricket and given that experience, plus his father’s reputation as one of the founders of junior cricket in Geelong, Devon will be right across not just our senior programs, but integrating the juniors into the club from the moment they begin playing with us.”

Devon Royce will head up what will be re-shaped cricket department. “We are having a complete re-appraisal of our club structure,” Frank Tuskes said. “The way to run a successful club has changed enormously in recent times. “Cricket clubs are like small businesses and needs to be run as such. “Devon’s appointment, along with the appointment of David Barnes as our Business Administrator, is part of that appraisal and the club is looking forward to making some other significant announcements about appointments in the near future.

“There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the Two Blues.”

The Pres Speaks

Dear All,

Last Wednesday night, we had our first regular committee meeting since I became your president.

First can I say again, what an honour it is to be asked to do this job in our Centenary Year.

There are a few things to report to you coming out of the meeting.

Last Wednesday night the Centenary Committee we’ve established also had its first meeting.

I attended and I’ve got to say we’re off to a good start with lots of good people coming up with lots of good ideas.

Still quite a few of the logistics to lock away but at this stage we plan to hold a weekend event in February that will include a major function on the Saturday night followed by some 20/20 cricket on the Sunday at Queens Park.

Venues, times, etc for the main dinner are still to be finalised as we try to get a feel for just how many people we will have attending. As most of you will know, our facilities at Queens Park can’t cope with huge numbers.

One thing the committee is doing is sending out a survey to see how many people will attend. Please fill that in and get it back ASAP.

Also get the message out to as many former N&CCC players as you can about this being the Centenary Year and make it clear they are welcome, along with their partners and other family members.

This is a huge year for our club in so many respects. Hundreds – and the celebrating of them – are one of the core bits of cricket. So let really start thinking Centenary.

Our coach Bryan Thomas came along to the main committee meeting and he and I were able to report that we are working together on some solid recruiting programs. We will have more on that over the next little while. Best just to say we’re on the job and things are looking promising in a lot of areas.

Scott Mullen presented his first treasurer’s report and things look good in that area at the moment. However, we do have the expenses of the new practice facilities to meet, so that is going to require good financial management and lots of new fund-raising ideas.

Phillip Morgan is also working well in terms of getting us the news sponsorships we need. Again, if you know of someone who should be sponsoring our club, then let Morgo know.

And I use the word should because as a club, we provide an enormous community service for six and more months of the year, catering for cricketers from five to 50, even beyond in the case of the new Over 60’s team that uses our facility.

Memberships are another vital revenue source. Col Cunliffe is again off and running in this area and details will go up on our new website soon. There are some small but important changes for you to note but I will leave that to Col to explain in full.

Can I just say, take advantage of the discounts for early payments. That helps you and it also helps the club generate money early in the season.

I don’t know a lot of about websites, but when also during the meeting Scott showed the committee a draft version of our new website, it met with great approval around the table.

It was suggested that when up and running, no other club in Geelong would have a website even close to as good as ours.

That will be a great way to showcase our sponsors, our news stories, our results and in our 100th year – our history.

Of course websites don’t you win you premierships, but they are all part of the process of making sure your whole club is working well – and working together.

I want to reiterate the need to ensure that people like Phillip Morgan, Colin Cunliffe and Scott Mullen are not to be left to work alone.

In that regard, I am pleased to announce that Wednesday three more portfolios were filled: Kevin Simonsen as the Assistant Secretary, James Purcell and Tom Levick as Complex Managers and Brett Loats as Social Committee Leader.

I am again asking people to come forward to be part of all our support teams. They will certainly be out there seeking that support.

We have within our club people of many diverse talents that we should all be using to ensure we’re going forward.

Don’t wait to be asked. We didn’t get to be one of the greatest clubs in Geelong with a century of fine achievement because of people who waited to ask.

As the life members in gold lettering in our rooms attest, we got there because of people who came forward willingly to do all the jobs, big and little, that had to be done.

I would love to see new generations of gold letters up there, drawn from people who came forward in our 100th year.

We are a club going forward, make no mistakes about that. The speed of that progress will only be enhanced by a whole of club approach from within.

We can debate internally, and we do, but once we make a decision to take a certain path, let’s all get behind it.

I’ve been in cricket long enough to know the rewards of unity, of team play.

Neville Crane

Message from the Pres

 At the Annual General Meeting last Tuesday evening, I was elected president of the Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club.

 I want to thank the club for offering me that opportunity in our Centenary Year.

 I also want to pay tribute to the past president, James Purcell, who I am pleased to say is staying on the committee in a senior role.

 And also thanks to last year’s committee for their unstinting efforts in often difficult times.

 As many of you will already know we have been working long and hard to ensure those difficult times very quickly become history. We have had some success recruiting a number of people who will help us do that.

They include our new Director of Cricket, Don Royce, new coach, Bryan Thomas, and new assistant coach, Mick Wood.

We are also in the business of recruiting new players, but at the same time, we’re not in the business of simply pushing aside those players who have been with us through the hard times.  Last year’s Coach and First XI captain Ben Neville has been reappointed Captain.  We are aiming to provide him with the quality of players that he deserves.

The plan is to meld the new players into the mix right through the grades ensuring an improvement in not just our performances, but our enjoyment of the game.

At the meeting I said, with half a smile, that there will be a changed attitude this year to absences.

I’ve long had a view that there are only two reasons for missing cricket – death and being in hospital. That applied Tuesday and Thursday as much as it did Saturday.

I know the world has changed since in recent times, but I am sure, as we enjoy our cricket more that we will all renew our commitment to training and being available on Saturday.

It is great to have Don Royce back working for our club.  He is one of the most respected Cricket Mentors in our region and both Don and Bryan have been sharpening their claws down at The Geelong Cricket Club over the last decade as preparation for their next task.  We are attracting quality players to the club already simply because of their presence.  Don and Bryan will be primarily responsible for the training program this season, that hopefully will enthuse many more to participate.  I am expecting quality time between the same starting and finishing time each Tuesday and Thursday.  They will have more to say about what they expect as we get closer to the pre-season.

I just want to say that we have in Bryan and the team we are building around him the sort of structure that looks to share the load.

We’re also looking to share the load off the field a bit more.

We want to triple our sponsorship this year, and in future years.  We can’t do that leaving it to just one person.  We have already expanded the Sponsorship group from one to six.  As well as an increased off ground Coaching staff we have the cost of the relocation and establishment of our new Practice Wickets to address.  We would appreciate hearing from you as to prospective sponsors that we could approach.  We believe that we have designed an appropriate range of Sponsorship packages that will offer sponsors value for their assistance.  Please contact any of Phillip Morgan, Terry Hickey, Brett Bentley, Mark Giles, Gavan Clark or myself in this regard.

What we are doing with the Sponsorship Group we are endeavouring to do in principle with other major portfolios.  In particular we also want to lessen the load on people like Scott and Steph, our new Junior Cordinator, and our Turf Captains.

If you can help us, put your hand up now. There’s no better time to be involved in our club.

I look forward to working with you all as we celebrate 100 wonderful years at our club. 

Neville Crane




Pre-Season Training Dates and Venues known at this time are as follows:

Geelong Indoor Sports Arena   13 Gravel Pits Rd South Geelong

Sunday          August          1, 8 ,15, 22, 29       September 5, 12. 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

Friday                                                                        September  3, 10, 17.      6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

NCCC appoint new coach

Courtesy of the Geelong Advertiser

Newtown & Chilwell is confident a complete restructure of its coaching team will put the club on course for a rise up the GCA pecking order in 2010-2011.

The Two Blues enter their centenary season on the edge of dropping out of Geelong cricket’s top flight.

However, the club believes it has the right people on board to turn its onfield fortunes around after a recent barren patch that almost resulted in relegation to division two.

Respected junior mentor Bryan Thomas has been appointed head coach and bowling coach for the coming season, while last season’s playing coach Ben Neville will captain the club’s 1st XI.

Experienced administrator Don Royce has returned to the club as director of cricket, while former premiership player Mick Wood will serve as the club’s batting coach.

Neville said the club hoped the new set up would fast track the development of its raw but talented younger players.

“We’re really looking to set things up. A lot of the guys who played ones last year weren’t ready but it was good experience and they know where to improve,” he said.

“But we’ve got to win a lot of games of cricket because if we don’t, I’d say we won’t be looking good to stay up. We also want top do that in the right way and enjoy ourselves.”

Newtown will also welcome an overseas player into the fold, with 18-year-old all rounder Sam Arthurton joining the Two Blues as part of the club’s ongoing agreement with English county club Essex.

The Two Blues also hope to add up to five new faces to their 1st XI


Newtown and Chilwell Cricket Club is thrilled to announced the appointment of Brian Thomas as coach for the 2010/2011 season.

“The recruitment of Brian is part of a complete overhaul of our cricket set up,” said President James Purcell.

“He comes to us with great credentials as a coach.”

Purcell a said cricket sub-committee had been working hard to restructure the club.

Next season, we will have Don Royce as head of our cricket department.

“Don is one of Geelong’s most decorated cricket administrators and he brings a wealth of expertise to the club,” Purcell said.

“We believe that these two quality appointments, along with a number of others, will help us recruit many more top cricketers to the club.”

The club was pleased to hear that Essex County Cricket Club will also be sending one of its talented young players to Newtown, following in the footsteps of Jaik Mickleburgh and Michael Comber.

Sam Arthurson is a leg-spinning all-rounder.

“Our club benefited from having Jaik and Michael spend time with us,” Purcell said.

“And they also benefited from their time with us.  Jaik has just scored his maiden first-class century, a massive 174, while Michael Comber has been given a full contract with Essex and was part of their training camp in the West Indies.”

In season 2010/2011, Newtown will celebrate its centenary.

“Cricket was played around Newtown well before that summer,” Purcell said.

“However, this was a formative moment in the history of our club and we intend to properly honour the great history of club.

“We are also issuing an invitation to former players to come back and be part of the celebration, and if they’re still playing, to be part of this years squads.”