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Aug 2020
The Arrivals Lounge


Q1. This is not your first stint with our club, tell us about the first one, and how you found us.
A2. I played a few games back in 06/07, it was Damian Shanahan who told me what a great club NCCC is. Damian and I grew up together playing as juniors at North Balwyn CC.


Q2. What brought you back last summer?
A2. I ran into Frank Tuskes at the footy last year and asked me to come down at have a game with him in the Fourths, it was enjoyable to be back playing again .


Q3. You adjusted pretty well to playing on the plastic, plenty of runs and wickets, but have you still got the sprigs sharpened?
A3. I do still have them in the bottom of the kit bag, would love to play on turf again at Queens Park.


Q4. You’ve played a pretty high standard of cricket both in Australia and in the UK, tell us about those experiences.
A4. I played Premier (or District as it was known then) at Northcote and Fitzroy/Doncaster CC. I also played a couple of Victorian Second XI games v NSW when I was 21. I had three seasons as a overseas player/pro in the UK with Bath CC, Gomersal CC in Yorkshire and Cheetam Hill CC in Lancashire. Fantastic experience playing in England and something I recommend to any young player .


Q5. Who then, is the best cricketer you have played with?
A5. David Saker was an unbelievable all rounder and should have played Test cricket, was the best competitor on the field I’ve ever seen, taught me so much about the game and no surprise how successful he was as the bowling coach of England and Australia. Steve Foster, who I played with in Yorkshire, was a fantastic opening bat, loved batting and has made over a hundred 100’s in the Yorkshire leagues.


Q6. And who is the best cricketer you have played against?
A6. Dean Jones and Brad Hodge made batting look so easy. Fast bowling wise, facing Merv Hughes wasn’t much fun with every ball directed at your head. I was also lucky to face Warnie once when he was playing for St Kilda, you could hear the ball fizzing out of his hand.


Q7. In your experience, how do our facilities at Queens Park compare with other clubs around the world?
A7. The facilities at Queens Park are outstanding and would be right up there with any club/ground I’ve ever played on.


Q8. It’s great that someone with your cricket wisdom has joined the committee, what encouraged you in that decision?
A9. Nobo called me up and I said yes straight away, something I’ve never done before but I’m keen to be more involved in the club.


Q9. Can we expect to see you bowling your leg-spinners this summer?
A9. Be nice, but I'll need to do some work in the nets . Think we have plenty of spinners at the club, so be good to see them given plenty of overs to develop and improve .


Q10. You stood alongside him in the slips last summer, so the inevitable one – your best Russell Mitchell story.
A10. Yes I did, which was a lot of fun. Playing out at Lara last year, we were five down at tea and Russell was batting at 11. He was standing in the pavillon having his afternoon tea, fully padded up with his batting gloves on and his bat in hand. He mentioned something about not getting his gear stolen as the reason why, very funny man.


Aug 2020
The Arrivals Lounge


Q1. You’re pretty much a part of the furniture these days, how did you first make your way to Queens Park?
A1.Was a bit of luck really. I’d been in Geelong for a year and was not planning on travelling back home to play for another season. I started playing golf down at Queens Park and got involved with a group of blokes and Adrian Windt was in that group and we got talking about cricket and that was it, my decision was made and The Two Blues was it.

Q2. Tell us about your cricketing days before NCCC.
A2. I first started playing cricket in my home town of Minyip. There was only one age group for junior cricket and that was under 16’s. I started playing in this when I was eight. I started playing senior cricket with my dad when I was 10, I think, at Boolite-Sheep, the club just down the road from our family farm. I was lucky enough to play in a premiership with my dad there. After a few seasons I moved to play senior cricket at the same club as I played juniors to make travelling easier. The distance between some games in the morning to the afternoon games could be as much as 100kms. I was lucky enough to win back to back flags in juniors and also three in seniors. I was very lucky to play at a very successful club.

Q3. You captained the Third XI for much of last year, how did you find that?
A3. I found it to be very rewarding. I was also very lucky to have plenty of people helping me out to make my job easier. Looking forward to doing it again in the future if given the chance.

Q4. You bowled what we called your right arm wicketkeepers with great success, will we see you with the gloves again in the future.
A4. The gloves are always in the kit and if required I’ll get them out again but for now I think I’ll stick to the right arm wicketkeepers.

Q5. Those moments when you just rip a bowling attack apart – how do they happen?
A5. To be honest I’m not really sure, I just get lucky sometimes I guess. Would be nice if it happened a bit more often.

Q6. What is your highest score and how long did it take?
A6. My highest score is 88. I scored that in a 20/20 game. I’m not sure how many balls it was exactly but would’ve been less than 50. My quickest would be the 58 from 21 balls I got a couple seasons ago against Leopold.

Q7. Who is the best cricketer you have played against?
A7. No one person stands out to me as being the best but in my first year at the club I was lucky enough to play in the Firsts so a lot of those blokes were very handy. Playing a little bit of representative cricket when I was younger back home I came up against a few really good players but as I’m hopeless with names I can’t remember theirs.

Q8. Who is the best cricketer you have played with?
A8. There was a family back home where all three brothers played and they could pretty much win a game on their own. The one innings I remember the most was by Paul Morgan in a grand final where we were chasing over 300 and he ended up being 150-something not out to win us the game, was incredible to watch.

Q9. Thanks for joining the committee, what encouraged you in that decision?
A9. Just wanting to give little bit back to the club and hopefully help keeping us move in the right direction.

Q10. You’ve been around the club long enough to be aware of the legend that is our secretary, life member, premiership player, etc: What is your favourite Russell Mitchell story.
A10. Not so much a story but more moments. Pretty much any Saturday night back at the club when the music starts up and Russ will be there still in his full whites singing along to whatever song comes on. Gives me a laugh every time.

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