"Two Blues, One Club - Respect It"

The health of the club depends on new members being available to replace members who retire or move on. In light of this, recruiting is the responsibility of all members so please take it upon yourself to invite prospective new players to training.Introduce him/her to the Club Coach, President, Captains, Secretary and Members. Ascertain whether a permit (registration) or a clearance form is required.

All members are asked to be hospitable towards prospective members at all times (ie. talk to them and make them feel comfortable) and help them to quickly become aware of our traditions, procedures and amenities. If you are not comfortable about inviting a potential recruit to join N&CCC, then please pass his name onto a Club Official.

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Turf Wicket

GCA Division 1

1st XI

2nd XI


Hard Wicket

GCA Division 1

3rd XI

4th XI

5th XI

6th XI

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